Aim solar project started almost one month ago with the electrical students at Komenda Senior High School with Ben, the solar tutor. From the beginning it was very successful until the last week of the month due to the heavy rain fall.


The trainees were taking through a brief introduction to electricity, thus Power (P), Voltage (V), Current (I), Resistance (R) and Energy (E). At the end the trainees were check the battery voltage using the multi-meter, the two common types of current (Alternating and Direct Current). the most commonly used current in households to power electrical appliances that is the Alternating current (AC) and the Direct current (DC) which is produced by PV modules and stored in the batteries.

The trainees were also taught that loads and power sources in a circuit can be connected in series or parallel. where the trainees were given the chance to connect more than one battery in series and parallel.


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