In today’s ever-evolving world, a student’s ability to type fluently enables them to focus on what they’re typing and how to type. Being able to quickly share thoughts and send them to their teacher from any location is much more efficient than using paper and pencil, for we (AIM.) believe the fact that there will be a day that the world will no long use paper and pencil again BUT the use of computers and other electronic devices.

Typing is a necessary skill for today’s students. Typing helps to improve and learn new skills through computing and any other device that is keyboard based. We all know that it’s the same today’s students who are going to work as bankers, teachers, doctors, and other administrative jobs in the future, and thus how come African Information Movement (AIM.) is given these students the opportunity to acquire all the needed theory and practical aspect of computing at these stage.

Tutors at the Aim Training Centre try to make sure that the student uses the correct sitting position when practicing typing skills, proper hand placement and maintain good posture.

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